Why to comprise with Empty Website?
Ask us to write Question & Answers for you ...

Question Answer Script is really a very good platform where content is generated by user. This type of site grows by itself. However this needs initial investment i.e. some question has to be posted by the site owner such that it ranks on various search engine and attracts visitors to your website. And these visitors helps you create more content by asking questions & Answering them.

So we are here to help you out in adding Question & Answers of your niche to your question answer website. Give us the domain name and we can suggest you specific category required for your Niche which can be added on your website. And we add Question & Answer for you!

Form where will the Questions & Answers will come?
We extract question & Answers from Yahoo Answers and then rewrite them manually such that the content posted on your website is 100% Unique. As we all know that search engines likes’ unique content. So these UNIQUE Content will give great search engine visibility to your website.

Why choosing Yahoo answers?
We have selected Yahoo Answers as the content source. As the content added in the Yahoo Answers are the content which is being put by real users. So the questions are very genuine. These are the questions which people actually look for. So the content on your website will be real practical contents.

You can ask us to divide the question in different categories. Like 50 Package question can be divided into 5 categories with 10 Questions in each category. We post the question in a regular time frame such that the question posting looks geniune.

We have made different packages for Question & Answer.

50 Question Package
Delivery Time: 5 Working Days
(Includes Question Title, Question Description & Answers (1 to 5)

100 Question Package
Delivery Time: 10 Working Days
(Includes Question Title, Question Description & Answers (1 to 5)

200 Question Package
Delivery Time: 20 Working Days
(Includes Question Title, Question Description & Answers (1 to 5)

500 Question Package
Delivery Time: 1 Months
(Includes Question Title, Question Description & Answers (1 to 5)