Question Answer Script

This is the BEST Answer Clone available online. Features available in the script really make it THE Best in the Market. Below are mentioned all the features of Answer Script. Try the Demo which has all the features enabled.

General Features
Below are the mentioned general features of Question Answer Script, along with it there is is deacription about its usage & relevancy with the script. Please check out all the features.

Check out what features we have included in Version 1.1

  • Many new website settings has been added under admin panel.
    • Email Administration - Administrator can receive emails related to all the activity performed on his site, like new question posted, or new answer added to existing question. Aministrator can delete the question or approve the moderated question just clicking the link form his email.

    • Clean URL - We have changed the URL structure to best search engine result. User can control also add custom text, or category name in Question URL.
    • Control whether resolved questions can be answered further or not
    • Control whether users can reply to their own questions or not
    • Control whether you want the question mark to be appended automatically, when not found
    • Control whether you want to allow users to edit question description or their answers
    • Control whether you want to allow users to delete their answers
    • Control whether you want to allow anonymous question posting or not
    • Control the number of questions displayed on homepage, category page and all other relevant pages
    • Control whether you want the email address entered by users during registration or profile editing, should be verified or not
    • Control whether display name must only contain alphanumeric characters
    • Control whether you want to enable support for RTL language. This is minimal support that enable text boxes to allow RTL language entry.
  • Site Map Generator - Generate sitemap for your website at one click.
  • Content Management System has been upgraded to allow adding new pages. New pages can be added easily with custom title tag and meta description tag.
  • Menu System for User added pages. You can control the predefined position of menu and can even switch off the menu from "website settings" under admin panel.
  • Formatting has been enabled for question and answer posting, with features to post images, YouTube videos and links without compromising the security. Check formating tips
  • Now Question Answer scripts also Tweets, We support automatic Twitter Posting

  • Users can now change their password.
  • Algorithm to live the imported questions from has been enhanced to give real look.
  • Many more custom text are avialable now. But still javascript custom texts are not available.
  • Bugs as reported by our clients has been fixed.

Best Answer Flashing Module Recent Questions
 Best Answer selected questions are displayed on the Homepage. This module displays the list of Best Answered selected question in a particular month.  This section displays the recent question posted on the website. Home Page displays the latest question posted on the site, irrespective of categories. However when a specific category is selected then it displayed the recent question posted in that particular category
Popular Questions Discover Question
This is the tab present on the Home Page next to recent question. This section displays all the question who’s BEST Answer is not selected however thse question have been answered and answers have received some THUMPS UP or THUMPS DOWN.
 This is the Tab present in all the categories which list all the questions whose best answer has been selected. Best Answers are selected by the question Poster Or the Administrator. This tab is present in all the categories & Sub Categories.
 LeaderShip Board  Categories and Sub-Categories
A list of top members are shown in the list according to the point earned by them. On the home page is shown in the left column and its individual page displays the complete statistic of Total Point Earned, Total Question Posted and the Percentage of them which are selected as Best Answers. Users can view questions posted in specific by category or sub-category. Each category shows OPEN Question & BEST Answered chosen Question.
PHP5 & AJAX Based  
Question Answer Script is build on the robust platform for PHP ZEND. Script is using AJAX based control such that script works at the lightning fast speed.
SEO Optimization  
All URL’s are search engine friendly. Administrator can add specific meta tags to each question. This feature is really helpful for the webmaster to optimize their website for good search engine ranking.
Language Setting
You can modify all the static text displayed on the website. You can change the language or you can just modify the text to give the site a niche look.


Question & Answer View Page Features

Post Answer  Select Best Answer
 Registered user can Post Answer to a specific question. Answer Posting includes Capcha to protect any type of SPAMMING. If users are not registered then they are taken to registration page such that they can register and add answer to any question.  Question Poster or the Admin can select the Best Answer for specific question. An extra point is the rewarded to the user whose answer is selected as the best answer. Once BEST ANSWER is chosen for a specific question then that specific question is moved to the discover section of that specific category. And this particular question comes in Flashing Question Module of the home page.
Find Interesting Emails to Friend
User can mark the question as Interesting, this give the question an extra point such that these question appears in the Popular Question section. And this question is added in the user profile page. Any other registered user can see the interesting question selected by any user  Registered user can email the selected question link to their friends. User can send question to 5 friend in one click.
 Bookmarks  Subscribe to Answer Alert
Registered user can maintain the question list as a bookmarked. All the bookmarked question appears in the user profile. Registered user can subscribe to Answer Alert, that is if that particular question is answers then an email will be send to those who has set the answer alert. This is really an interesting feature to track a specific question. User can anytime remove the answer alert from their profile page.
Thumps UP & DOWN to Answers  Report Abuse Questions & Answers
 Registered users can give thumps UP OR Down, means I like it, Or I dislike it to any answers. This give an answer a extra point which helps the admin to select the BEST Answer for the Specific Question.  Registered user can anytime report an abuse to specific question or answer. This reporting send an alert to admin to check the objectionable content on the website.
Other Open & Closed Question  
This module shows the other open & closed question links of that specific category. This makes the easy accessibility to questions.  


Profile Page Features

  Every registered user has their own Profile page which provide all the details about the user
User can edit their
• Personal details
• Change Picture which appears next to the question ansked.
 Profile Page provides the complete activity details of registered users. Like
• Total Points Earned by the user.
• Bookmarked Questions by him/her
• Questions subscribed for Answer Alerts
• Questions Asked by him/her
• Resolved Questions
• Starred Questions
• Total Answers
• Best Answers

Point System

Admin can set the points through Admin Panel. Points are offered to registered users according to their activities.
• Points on member registration
• Points on Daily Visit
• Points on Posting a Question
• Points on Answering a Question
• Selecting a Best Answer for the Question
• Points given to the member that has asked the question
• Points given to the member that has answered the question
• Points on Thumbs-up for an Answer
• Points on Rating an Interesting Question

Registered user can ask question in any specific category or sub-category. Asked questions appear in the category page and also on the homepage of the website. User ask question at the cost of some points. User can ask unlimited question. There is no limit in asking question.
Search System  
Search algorithm present on the website is not a normal search operation. Our search algo is intelligent enough to break the keyword searched and then search for the relevant question according to the points earned for specific question.  

Admin Panel
Question Answer Script has really feature rich Admin Panel. Nearly everything can be controlled through Admin Panel. Following are the option available in the Question Answer Script Admin Panel

Admin Panel - Home Page
This Page shows the complete statistic about the Question Answer Website. It shows both the Daily Statistics & Overall Statistics.
CMS – Content Management System 
  CMS helps you to handle the static pages of the question answer script. Static Pages available are
  • Home Page Content Panel
  • Help Page
  • Terms & Conditions page.

You just need to change the content in the admin Panel and save them and the content will change dynamically.

Category Manager 
 Category Manager helps you to
• Add a new Category
• Edit the Existing category & its Title Tag
• Active or Deactivate the Category
• Deleted the Category
Question Manager 
Question Manager Panel provides us lots of option like finding a specific question in a particular category or sorting the question according to the Posting date. Administrator can do following activities

• Add new question
• Edit the Existing Question
• Edit the Meta Tags like Title & description
• Add, Edit & delete the answers Posted on a specific Question
• Individual question can be locked to stop the further answering
• Posted Question can be deleted.
• Admin can selected the Best Answer of any Question he/she wants

Email Templates 
 Administrator can change the default email template. Emails are send to the users for the following reasons.
• Answer Alert – This email is send when register user set the answer alert for themselves.
• Email Question to Friends
• Email Verification
• Forgot Password
• Mail by Admin to specific user.

Each of the Email Template can be changed by the administrators as per their requirement.

User Manager 
 Admin can add a new user through the admin panel without any email verification. Registered user details can he changed,
Members can Banned & Unbanned
Admin can send email to specific member through admin Panel
 Our question answers script is advertisement friendly. User can easy activate & deactivate the advertisement present on the website. Admin can directly place advertisement code like Google Adsense, advertisement code through admin area.
Abused Question & Answer  
 Abused question Panel shows the question which has been marked as abused and the number of abused vote received by any user. Admin can edit or delete the specific question or answer.
Allowed Links  
 This feature is really for the webmaster who wants to do add link in the answers. They just have to add the link in the allowed link list and all the link present in the answers page will become active.
Website Setting
Through Webiste Setting you can control following things. YOu can switch to different themes in just few clicks. General setting, Database Settings & Point System Settings

General Settings
Website Name
Website Host Address
Mail Sender E-Mail Address
Website Logo Code
Application ID
Moderate Question & Answers Yes, Enable Moderation No, Disable Moderation
HomePage Title Tag
HomePage Meta Description Tag
Change Website Theme

Database Settings
Databse Server / Host
Databse Schema Name
Database Account User Name
Database Account Password
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Database Port Number

Server Requrements: Apache + MySQL + PHP 5.2.4 or later + Zend Optimizer
Recommended Hosting: Unlimited Domains + Unlimited Bandwidth
Note: If you have any problem with the server requirement or You are confused if your server will support the script or not! Ask us...